Rigid, twin-walled, cylindrical tree shelter with flared upper rim.

- Manufactured by extrusion from UV stabilised photodegradable polypropylene
- Twin-walled construction
- Flared upper rim to avoid abrasion of plants
- With pre-fitted releasable ratchet ties (optional)
- Colour: green
- Shelters are nested in 5 with diameters 75-82-89-95-103 mm
- Heights: from 40 cm to 200 cm
- There are three options for ventilation:
     1) Solid shelter without ventilation holes
     2) Micro perforations: slow ventilation rate, ideal for any kind of plants for better transpiration
     3) Micro vents: higher ventilation rate, ideal for extreme climate conditions

- Solid, cylindrical shelter, easy and fast installation
- Nested in 4 (diameters 82-89-95-103 mm) or 5 (diameters 75-82-89-95-103 mm)
- Bundles of 250 shelters

- Increased growth due to the micro-climate inside of shelter (“greenhouse-effect”)
- Improved survival rates
- Protection against animals and mechanical damage
- Protection against herbicides
- Accelerated plant growth permits to advance the first harvesting
- Better localization of the plant at the early stage of plantations in strongly weeded areas
- Avoids abrasive damage on stem due to flared top rim
- Contributes to natural pruning at full length of the shelter permitting top-quality timber formation - this shelter is specially recommended for Forestry use
- Quick and easy installation

MAIN UTILITY:  Plants with lignified stem, both in Agriculture and Forestry.