Rigid, twin wall tree shelter with square-shaped section. Served in sheet form to optimize transport costs.

- Manufactured by extrusion from UV-stabilized photodegradable polypropylene
- Twin-wall construction
- Flared upper rim to avoid abrasion of plants
- Colour: green
- Growing space: 10*10 cm 
- Heights: 40, 50 and 60 cm
- Sold in flat-form in packs of 300 units.
- Served on pallets. The quantity on pallet depends on the shelter’s height.
- Easy to stock

- Increased growth due to the micro-climate inside of shelter (“greenhouse-effect”)
- Improved survival rates
- Protection against animals and mechanical damage
- Protection against herbicides
- Accelerated plant growth permits to advance the first harvesting
- Better localization of the plant at the early stage of plantations in strongly weeded areas
- Avoids abrasive damage on stem due to flared top rim
- Contributes to natural pruning at full length of the shelter
- Quick and easy installation

MAIN UTILITY: Agriculture, for all kind of plants with lignified stem