Protective nets:

Basic ShelNet Triple-T Green-net


A mixed solid tube - mesh protector with quadratic cross-section.

- Manufactured by extrusion from UV stabilised polyethylene
- Single-wall construction
- The 30 cm height lower part is solid (shelter-like) and offers total protection against herbicides
- The upper part has mesh-structure; it guarantees protection against rodents and permits good ventilation
- Colour: black, brown, green or blue
- Square section: 10*10 cm
- Heights: 40 cm (30+10), 50 cm (30+20) and 60 cm (30+30)

- Sold in flat form (folded)
- Packs of 100 units
- Served on pallets (the quantity depends on the height of the protector)

- Protection against animals and mechanical damage
- Protection against herbicides
- Increased growth due to the micro-climate inside of shelter (“greenhouse-effect”)
- Accelerated plant growth permits to advance the first harvesting
- Improved survival rates
- Better localization of the plant at the early stage of plantations in strongly weeded areas
- Easy and fast to install due to 4 pre-made folds

MAIN UTILITY:  For all ligneous species in Agriculture, where protecion agains herbicides as well as a good ventilation is needed.